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For our next event in our Property Breakfast Roundtable series we will be discussing 'How can we improve data sharing from the property manager to the investor?', in association with Legal and General, taking place on the 6th July, 2023.

The roundtable is part of our Property Breakfast series where we will be focusing on how operational and building data can be used to improve investment decisions for Investors and Investment Managers and, how acting on insights can help to eliminate the data divide. But how do we bridge this data gap?

This particular discussion will bring together PropTechs, Investors and Property Managers to look at how we can change the operational and building data landscape to give a higher level of transparency and ensure we continue to improve information sharing capabilities.

From the discussion, the aim is to review future goals in this space and discuss how the data gap can be improved. To raise the bar for transparency, communication and trust in data technology. There will also be a focus on the importance of sustainable investing and ESG data for Investors.

Together we will explore the following topics;

  • What is the current expectation of technologies when it comes to operational and building data?
  • How can we give deeper insights into assets at an operational level?
  • What is the understanding around what data is used for and why it needs to be so correct? How can we bridge this gap?
  • Looking at sustainable investing and capturing ESG data, how has this developed in the last few years and how can we continue to improve on this?
  • Data is always talked about but are we gathering enough data? How can we ensure that data is a key objective for both Property Managers and Investors plus, ensure that the technologies we use to gather data align for both sides?

This event allows members to exchange insights, learn and connect over breakfast.

With limited availability, make sure to sign up for the event as soon as possible to book your place and be a part of our next conversation.


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