Property Breakfast Roundtable

For our next event in our Property Breakfast Roundtable series we will be discussing 'How do we make smart buildings human centric and not data centric?', in association with British Land.

The roundtable is part of our Property Breakfast series where we will be focusing on the use of technology and data in buildings to improve operations, experiences and market needs. This particular discussion will bring together PropTechs and Property developers, landlords and property managers, looking at how we ensure smart buildings centre around human behaviours and needs.

From the discussion, the aim is to review future goals across the industry and discuss how people and buildings can discover better cooperation, build trust in technologies and use data to understand occupier needs and behaviour, and ultimately create more impactful spaces.

Together we will explore the following topics;

  • What makes a building truly smart?
  • Who are the humans that we're designing for?
  • Which services do we think people now expect, that they would like, that they need?How do we address the challenge of delivering ROI against delivering an excellent experience?
  • Tech is often discussed as the enabler, but will it also become the facilitator of behaviour change?

This event allows members to exchange insights, learn and connect over breakfast.

With limited availability, make sure to sign up for the event as soon as possible to book your place and be a part of our next conversation.


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